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The 17th Congressional District of Florida includes all of Charlotte, Okeechobee, Highlands, Glades, Desoto, and Hardee counties, and parts of Hillsborough, Polk, Lee, and Manatee counties.

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Thank you all


November 21, 2014


Dear Friends,


Now that I've had a chance to reflect more about the campaign, I would like to share with you a few thoughts.


First, it was a pleasure being your candidate for Congress in FL 17. I found it stimulating and rewarding, especially the chances to express our views to so many on the campaign trail. Everyone, from the Tea Party in Highland County, some of which you can view from the link below, to editorial boards, and reporters, on the League of Women Voters televised candidate forum in Polk County, the Okeechobee Political Forum that was broadcast several times; all these opportunities I would not have had, if I hadn't chosen to run. And because no one else stepped forward from the Democratic Party, the Republican Tea Party incumbent would have had no opposition.


Second, I would like to stress the importance of our party fielding candidates. It is the most effective way of growing the base and focusing the conversation on our issues. Being a candidate can be very invigorating especially if you commit before you start that you are not going to bankrupt yourself physically, emotionally, or financially in the process. Pace yourself. If you are like Curt Clawson and can lend your campaign $4 million, well that's one thing. But don't not run because you think you don't have or can't raise enough money. In 2012 we got 116,000 votes (41.4%) and spent less than $10,000 after raising the $10,000 filing fee. Tom Rooney, a multi millionaire, spent and raised over a million dollars. In 2014, we raised about the same and got over 80,000 votes (37%). Rooney spent only a half million realizing that my chances of winning were very poor this year for a number of reasons.


The important thing is the process and to keep fielding candidates until we win. Don't worry about a primary, they are good for the party. If you feel you should and can run, then just do it.


And finally, keep your hope alive, but keep your expectations low. Don't waste emotional energy wondering who should support you and whether they will. I didn't expect the state or national party to help me, and I wasn't disappointed. I think they should find a little money for long shots, just to keep the opposition working and to build the party. If I had not run, Rooney wouldn't have had to spend a million and a half dollars. That is worth something!


And thanks again to those faithful supporters many of whom contributed less than $100 and a hand full that donated over a $1000. I will always treasure your friendship and loyalty, and your giving me the chance to take on a Goliath.


The link below is a portion of a two hour address I gave to the Tea Party of Highlands County. My topic was the danger of corporatocracy, which they agreed with. Please see Ralph Nader's latest book: Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State.







Real Election Reform


Election reform is on the mind of many Americans. Many proposals have been put forth to get big money out of politics, and I agree with most of them, including term limits.


There is much talk about voter supression and voter indifference. But I would like you to think about candidate intimidation. What is the point of voting if you only have a choice between two candidates, both of whom have been compromised by big money and have received huge contributions from billionaires and their huge corporate interests?


What was important about our campaign is that you had one candidate that had over a million dollars to spend, and you had me, a person of modest means probably like yourself. Who is more likely to vote your interests in Washington? Why do we keep sending people to Washington who don't have the interests of the average person foremost in their minds? We have to keep this idea alive until the electorate realizes that they have been voting against their best interests. That is why we need to keep fielding candidates, to give the voters a choice. One day they will see it, and you will be glad you are on the ballot!












William Bronson

For more information call Will Bronson at  239 940 6080 or write at willbronson7@gmail.com or PO Box 1507, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970.

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