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The 17th Congressional District of Florida includes all of Charlotte, Okeechobee, Highlands, Glades, Desoto, and Hardee counties, and parts of Hillsborough, Polk, Lee, and Manatee counties.





Will Bronson For U. S. Congress in 2014

Dear Friends,


On May 2nd I have to give the Florida Division of Elections a check for $10,440 for my name to be placed on the ballot, and we don't have the full amount yet. I would like to believe that a person of ordinary means, like myself, can still be elected to the U.S. Congress because an informed and alert electorate are not always swayed only by money, fancy flyers, slick TV ads, and cliches.  But because of big money influence on elections all over our country, there is a growing belief that unless you can raise a million dollars or have a million dollars of your own to spend, you can't get elected.


Money is not everything, but it is something. My ability to raise a reasonable amount of money will determine whether I have the support needed to mount a successful campaign. I appeal to everyone reading this to consider sending your most generous contribution to the Bronson For Congress Committee, PO Box 1507, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970.


If sufficient support is not available, my opponent Mr. Rooney, may have a free ride. In 2012, he spent over a million dollars campaigning against me, yet with less than $20,000 we got over 41% of the vote, more votes than the President got in this district. If Mr. Rooney has no opposition in 2014 that million dollars he would otherwise have to spend could end up in the Governor's race on the Republican side.


In 2010, Rick Scott won the Governor's seat by a narrow margin. That year Tea Partier Tom Rooney's Democratic opponent got only 33% of the vote. If the Democrats won 41% of the vote in that race as we did in 2012, it might have provided the margin of victory for Alex Sink. Let's not make the same mistake in 2014. Let's fight for every vote we can get out of all 17 so-called Republican Congressional Districts so that win or lose in the Congressional races, we win the gubernatorial race for our party.


There are dangers in being too optimistic, but likewise, pessimism establishes the status quo. I look forward to campaigning beyond May 2nd, and with your help we can make that a reality.




Will Bronson

William Bronson

For more information call Will Bronson at  239 940 6080 or write at willbronson7@gmail.com or PO Box 1507, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970.

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